While exercise and movement to music
may be nothing new, where SuperCue
differs is our delivery!

Our point of difference is that we spend more time than most focusing on our instructional super cues so that you and you clients can truly understand and feel the difference in what it means to sit, stand and move well!
This focus and training style is such an exciting and rewarding experience for both instructors and their clients, as these small adjustments and awareness in movement can really change lives!

In our 2-day course we expand on this method, helping you to learn how to explore your own language and observations to enhance a client or groups’ experience and learning. 

Upcoming July Training

2-day course to become a licensed SuperCue instructor

Why Become a SuperCue Seniors Instructor? 

  • Ideal for the professional or the budding fitness instructor interested in working with older adults or special populations. 
  • Specialised 2-day training to learn the SuperCue fundamentals. 
  • Music rights, choreography notes and instructional cues and technique tips for a growing library of workouts. 
  • Ongoing supply of new choreographed programmes - saving you time and effort, and keeping you fresh and stimulated. 
  • Ongoing support to improve your class delivery and effectiveness. 
  • Confidence that your training is REPs registered (Registered Exercise Professionals). 
  • Content that aligns with the Live Stronger for Longer Initiative and meets the ACC Strength & Balance approval criteria. 

 Keen to find out more?

Click the button below to receive our Instructor Information Pack to introduce you to our
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You will also be given a free Introductory Membership where you will be able to watch a Taster session and get a feel for our programme structure and delivery style. 


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Are you ready to take the next step?

We want to remove many of the barriers that can get in peoples way when becoming an instructor.
One of these ways is by trying to keep this training open and accessible to all!
So to help you, we have come up with 3 Instructor Training options that let you select what works for you...



Commitment Free

Receive 50% off the full price of the course and save $295!

Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st
July 2022, Hawkes Bay

  • Join Bec & Marya for 2-days of empowering and specialised Instructor training.
  • 100% commitment free so you can see if this is a good fit for you.
  • Retain full access to all pre-course education.



Super Value

Receive 12 months of SuperCue Instructor License completely FREE!

Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st
July 2022, Hawkes Bay

  • Join Bec & Marya for 2-days
    of empowering and specialised training.
  • After your training, instantly receive 12 months access to our Instructor License subscription featuring our full Instructor playlists, resource centre and more...save over $300.



12 Monthly Payments

Receive 12 months of SuperCue Instructor License plus 12 months to pay it off!

Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st
July 2022, Hawkes Bay

  • Join our 2-day Instructor Training Course with SuperCue co-founders Bec & Marya.
  • Gain 12 month access to our Instructor License Subscription and save $190.
  • Pay off over 12 month payment plan.

SuperCue Instructors...improving the health and fitness of our communities!