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Why should I become a SuperCue Seniors subscriber?

  • Online access to a growing library of fully choreographed exercise programmes specifically targeted to improve your strength, balance, mobility and confidence.  
  • Lots of choice - length of session and options to make it easier or more challenging.
  • Discounted rates for items purchased from our SuperCue Store - such as SuperCue Seniors DVDs
  • Online access to our video tutorials to help you work on your posture and exercise technique.
  • Support and connection -  learn, share and be part of the SuperCue community, where everyone matters.

How do I join the SuperCue Seniors family?

You are in luck!  Join today and receive one month free online access to our SuperCue Seniors programmes.  It is easy, all you need is an email address.  Once registered you receive an email with a link to our restricted membership site.  You will have access to all the new programmes, including express workouts and intensity options.  After a month, if you want to continue your journey of improved strength, balance, mobility and confidence then you can become a SuperCue subscriber for only 50c a day!  

What is your health and independence worth to you?   Sign up for one month free access - click here 

Why should I become a SuperCue Seniors Instructor or Caregiver?

SuperCue will train and support you. We will provide you with continuous new material, new music, moves, education and tips to keep you engaged and motivated and get outstanding results with your clients.

  • Monthly release of choreographed workouts saving you time and effort
  • Specialised training and support to improve your class delivery and effectiveness
  • Suitable for the professional or the budding fitness instructor
  • A professional platform for inspiration, learning and sharing
  • Membership of part of an exciting national initiative
  • Instructor training is REPs registered (Registered Exercise Professionals) and SuperCue Seniors programme content aligns with the Live Stronger for Longer Initiative Strength & Balance Approval Criteria.                                                                   

How do I become a SuperCue Seniors Instructor or Caregiver?

If you’d like to be an Instructor, send us an email and let’s get you started - info@supercue.nz 

We will send you an information pack and answer any questions you may have.

Why should we become a SuperCue Affiliate Organisation?

If you are an organisation that is in any way interested in SUPERS fitness, check us out!

We are about much more than getting them moving! 

Stronger, fitter, healthier and happier clients because our fresh, fun and effective exercise programmes focus on self-help, education, awareness and consequently long term and ongoing results.

       Better results for your clients 
  • SuperCue Seniors is targeted at 60+ but suitable for any audience
  • Options for all mobility levels – seated or standing
  • Available online, on DVD and in your community – exercise anywhere at any time
  • Specifically designed to reduce falls risk
  • Safe, yet challenging
  • Music to motivate and energise
  • Can be tailored specifically for your clientele and organisation
  • Identifies and addresses poor movement patterns to improve quality of life, prevent injury, improve physical confidence and pleasure in movement
  • Provide more stimulating classes with variety and continual education
  • Keep pace with the latest research and trends in exercise programme design

Better support for your instructors and caregivers 

  • Simple, cost effective, ongoing solution 
  • A low-cost annual fee structure for access to a continually growing library of high-quality exercise programmes and support services for your clients, instructors and caregivers
  • Saves time and money as you can leave the training, continuing education, exercise programming and motivation of your instructors and caregivers to us
  • Get access to discounted rates for instructor training and ongoing support
  • Confidence that programmes will reflect the latest research and developments
  • Offers a service to meet the changing exercise needs of your specific organisation and its clientele      

How do we become a SuperCue Affiliate?

To help you get started we have special packages for organisations. This is for the first year’s membership only and is a way to get some of your staff or contractors trained and qualified as SuperCue Instructors or Motivators.

After your first 12 months, you’ll pay the low rate of $290 per year, plus either monthly or annual Instructor or Motivator charges, depending on the package you choose. (You have the option of on-charging subscriptions to your contractors).

The Introduction Packages include training and a year’s subscription for 2 or 4 Instructors, or 5 or 20 Motivators.

If you have a group of 5 or more instructors, caregivers or assistants you would like us to train, please contact us and we can look at organising a training course specifically for your organisation.

Don’t have any instructors or caregivers? Just pay the annual fee of $290 to be part of our community, receive our newsletters, be part of our forums, and be listed as an Affiliate on our website.

Be sure to take advantage of our one-month free online subscription and experience SuperCue Seniors for yourself or show the programme to your team.   Sign up here