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In-home Options for Supers

SuperCue provides a complete fitness package for older adults with specialised workout programmes and tutorials to improve strength, balance and physical confidence!

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Training for Instructors 

Are you a professional or non-professional fitness instructor interested in delivering SuperCue classes in your community?
See below to find out about our Instructor Training courses.

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Support for Organisations 

We can save your organisation time and money AND deliver a product that is unmatched in its versatility and effectiveness.


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In-home options

Do you want to maintain your independence and feel physically confident and strong?

We’ll show you how small changes make all the difference in helping you sit better, stand better and move better!   Our big point of difference at SuperCue is that we provide in-depth education on your posture, movement and exercise technique. Most programmes focus on just keeping you moving, rather than teaching you HOW to move and how to apply what you learn to your day-to-day movement. 

We would like to entice those who are apprehensive about following an exercise programme. You are in good hands.

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Operating a rest home, retirement village, or a community organisation for older adults?


Perhaps you already have an exercise programme up and running, but are looking for more variety, more engagement, more results, or would simply like more support for your instructors, activities coordinators or caregivers who deliver the classes or guide individuals or groups through an exercise programme.

  • We can train your instructors and regularly provide them with new programmes, music, detailed cueing instructions, weekly focus tips and inspiration to keep them fresh, engaged and excited about what they do.
  • We can train your Activities Coordinators to more effectively guide groups through a SuperCue Seniors DVD or online programme.
  • We can train your Caregivers to guide individuals through a SuperCue Seniors DVD or online programme so they will be confident in keeping their client safe and yet getting the most from their exercise.
  • We can also develop fitness programmes specifically for your clientele and organisation.
  • Or you may like to consider retailing our DVDs, providing you with an extra source of income and a convenient service to your members.
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Be assured of a quality product:


  • Physiotherapist approved.
  • Meets the ACC Live Strong for Longer approval criteria.
  • Developed by Registered Exercise Professionals (REPS).
  • Based on proven research
  • Features ground-breaking exercise techniques that focus on strong and stable posture and day-to-day movement.
  • Effective and safe

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