What is SuperCue?

 SuperCue is a charity based in Hawkes’ Bay, New Zealand. We develop high quality choreographed exercise programmes for the over 60's. We also cater for those with specific needs.

Why seniors exercise?

We recognise the need to improve the fitness and mobility of our older adults. If we don't, they face a higher risk of falls and injury. At the very least this can affect their self confidence and qualify of life. At worst it can be the catalyst for decline and loss of independence. The social and financial cost of this is immense.

We believe we need better exercise options. Programmes need to be more challenging and educational. Instructors, Activities Coordinators and Care Givers need better training and support. Accessibility is also an issue. And that is why we developed SuperCue!

At SuperCue we aim to tick all the boxes:

  • We develop choreographed exercise programmes that are fun and effective.
  • Our programmes include education on breathing, posture and movement.
  • They are available for at-home use, online or on DVD.
  • Community classes are available with either a qualified instructor or via online streaming.
  • We train and support professional and wannabe instructors for this specific demographic.
  • We train and support retirement village and rest home activities coordinators.

Why choose SuperCue?

Our point of difference is our in-depth instruction. We guarantee this gives immediate results! Our class participants become more conscious of how they sit, stand and move. This provides lifelong learning that benefits them every day. And is key to maintaining their confidence and independence.

What is the big picture?

The aim is to reduce the risk of falling and it's devastating consequences.

We do this by improving strength, balance and mobility in a way that is fun, accessible and life changing. That may be a big call, but is not over-selling the benefits of our programmes. It is so much more than getting people moving! Our specialised instruction and delivery make all the difference, particularly for this demographic.


Through SuperCue we can...

  • Reach people who are house-bound or in remote areas.
  • We can train and support care-givers, instructors and organisations.
  • We can tailor programmes for specific needs.
  • We can educate and empower!

Meet the Co-Founders

Hi, I’m Rebekah Charlton and I am a group fitness instructor, active living and wellness coach and founder of Elite Coaching. I've been teaching group fitness since the age of 15, with the last 10 years focusing on seniors. As Community Services Manager for Enliven Older People Services, I managed the content and delivery of physical activity sessions to more than 150 people each week. Over that time, I learnt a lot about the ageing process and refined ways to improve class delivery and exercises. I also implemented the Live Stronger for Longer project for Enliven throughout the east coast in 2017 and early 2018.

My dream to create more engaging and effective programmes for seniors started becoming a reality when I met Marya. We share the same desire to improve the health and well-being of the SUPERS in our community and know the importance of correct, effective and relevant program content. I am excited to be able to provide new or experienced instructors with programmes that are well structured, safe, meet the needs of the target audience and also fun to instruct.

I have seen first-hand the benefits that the SuperCue programmes have on the mobility, strength, balance, posture and the self-confidence of those attending. I am humbled and excited when I consider how many SUPERS will be helped, strengthened and inspired through our SuperCue classes.

Hi, I’m Marya Hopman and I’m so proud and excited to be part of bringing you SuperCue.

I’m a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with my own studio in Hawkes Bay. At OptimalMe Fitness I offer individual and group exercise sessions, specialising in those with physical challenges or restrictions. I also run community classes for Parkinsons Hawke's Bay.
I’m obsessed about good posture and movement for everyday living. I’ve discovered that these are the most important aspects of fitness. And sad to say, these are aspects most of us haven't rmastered!
Communication is the key! We need to explore the language we use when we cue our clients. And we need to increase the frequency of our instruction during exercise. This helps our clients to re-connect with their bodies. They become empowered and excited. They realise how much of a difference small adjustments can make. They feel stronger and straighter and are better able to control pain and discomfort.
SuperCue is my way of making a major impact on the health system. We have a unique yet simple approach to fitness that I want to share with the world. I know it will make a difference because we are already seeing the results.

Can you help?

SuperCue aims to be a long-term player in improving the fitness and mobility of older adults. This benefits the community as a whole, so it makes sense that we are a charitable trust.
Most of us will be part of this demographic one day. And in the meantime we all have friends or family facing the challenges of aging. So our work is only beginning! We need to take advantage of ever- evolving technology. We need to adapt to our disrupted environments. We need to be efficient in our delivery of the latest science and research. We need to find partners who share our vision.
Are you an individual or organisation looking for a charity to support? Get in touch and let’s see what we can achieve together!

Do you want to know more about SuperCue?