What is SuperCue?

SuperCue is a Hawkes’ Bay-based company in New Zealand that has developed an exciting and fresh approach to fitness for older adults and those that have specific needs. 
Created by Rebekah Charlton and Marya Hopman in 2019, SuperCue is here to lift the bar on the fitness and well-being of all New Zealanders as they age, by providing a comprehensive service of exercise programmes online, on DVD and in the community.

We develop choreographed programmes and other tools to take exercise for older adults to the next level with more in-depth focus on postural and movement education. Available online, on DVD and in the community, SuperCue is on a mission to reducing fall risk by improving strength and balance in a way that is fun, accessible, cost effective and most importantly has amazing results!

We also train and support instructors for this specific market, to give them the confidence to challenge their clients but at the same time keep them safe. We provide support and guidance to rest homes, retirement villages, and other community groups to offer better fitness solutions for their residents or clients.

Meet the Co-Founders

Hi, I’m Rebekah Charlton and I am a group fitness instructor, active living and wellness coach and founder of Elite Coaching. I've been teaching group fitness since the age of 15, with the last 10 years focusing on seniors. As Community Services Manager for Enliven Older People Services, I managed the content and delivery of physical activity sessions to more than 150 people each week. Over that time, I learnt a lot about the ageing process and refined ways to improve class delivery and exercises. I also implemented the Live Stronger for Longer project for Enliven throughout the east coast in 2017 and early 2018.

My dream to create more engaging and effective programmes for seniors started becoming a reality when I met Marya. We share the same desire to improve the health and well-being of the SUPERS in our community and know the importance of correct, effective and relevant program content. I am excited to be able to provide new or experienced instructors with programmes that are well structured, safe, meet the needs of the target audience and also fun to instruct.

I have seen first-hand the benefits that the SuperCue programmes have on the mobility, strength, balance, posture and the self-confidence of those attending. I am humbled and excited when I consider how many SUPERS will be helped, strengthened and inspired through our SuperCue classes.

Hi, I’m Marya Hopman and I’m just so proud and excited to be part of bringing you SuperCue.

I’m a Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and founder of the OptimalMe Fitness Studio in Taradale, Napier in the beautiful Hawkes Bay. Together with my team we offer individual and group sessions, specialising in those with physical challenges or restrictions. We also run classes for Parkinsons Hawke's Bay and Enliven (Presbyterian Support).

I’m obsessed about good posture and good movement for everyday living. I’ve discovered that the key is getting people to really understand what they’re doing, and sad to say most of the time they don’t! From that I’ve become focused on how we communicate - how we “cue” our exercises to clients so that they become empowered and excited about the little things they can do to make themselves feel stronger and straighter and get rid of pain.

SuperCue is my way of making a major impact on the health system by improving the fitness of our older adults and other special populations, not only nationwide but worldwide. It will enable us to teach these techniques to more people, our SuperMovers and special populations exercisers, instructors, caregivers and whoever else is interested.

I know they’ll make a difference and who doesn’t want that?

What are our values?

Visionary – our products and services and how we deliver them will be constantly evolving as we explore new ideas and the latest findings.

Transformational – we know our programmes can change people’s lives!  If we can teach people to move better, feel better and live better, and our whole community will benefit from this.

Positive – our focus is on lifting people up physically and mentally by empowering individuals to really understand their bodies and their movement and be motivated to improve.

Collaborative – we seek to work together with organisations, instructors, carers and the community as a whole – listening to what they need and helping them to achieve better outcomes for their clients and members.

Accountable  we believe in the importance of continual growth and improvement. As we build, test and develop our programmes we might not get things right the first time. But we promise to take ownership and responsibility for our actions and outcomes. You, our community, are our highest priority!

SuperCue is a Charity

We want to help where we are most needed and where we can make the most difference!
SuperCue aims to be long-term player in not just the seniors exercise field here in New Zealand but to expand into other demographics too. 
To truly achieve this in a way that keeps the product and not the profit in the forefront we decided to become a not-for-profit and in February 2021 we gained charity status!

We have developed a board of professionals from around New Zealand, with knowledge and experience in fall prevention, and working with seniors and fitness.
Together we are looking forward to expanding and strengthening the services we offer.

If you are an organisation looking to support a cause that will benefit every single New Zealander and will have so many positive spin-offs for individuals, families and communities, get in touch and let’s see what we can achieve together!

Do you want to know more about SuperCue?