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Super Moves for a Super You

Fresh, fun, and effective strength and balance programmes for 65+

Rediscover a Super You with our SuperCue Exercise Programmes

We’re here for:

  • Seniors 65+ looking for a safe, effective, strength and balance class or home programme (we’ll call you our SUPERS)
  • Professional or budding fitness instructors and caregivers who work with our SUPERS population
  • Organisations who offer fitness solutions for SUPERS, or have interests in improving national health statistics
  • Other special populations - their instructors and organisations - we can tailor programmes specifically for you

For Individuals

We’re providing online and community-based exercise programmes to help you turn back the years, address your aches and pains, gain strength and confidence no matter where your starting point!  You may need the option of a seated workout or be ready to ramp up to more heart-racing strength and balance routines.  Our workouts are fully choreographed, fresh, fun and motivating with just the right balance of safety and challenge.  And community classes are ACC approved!  We’ll teach you about good posture, good movement, and good exercise technique so you’ll feel super confident that you’re doing the right thing, the right way. 

For Instructors and Carers

If you are an experienced instructor or just starting out, let’s make your job a little easier.  We’d like to provide you with the tools and confidence to deliver more challenging, engaging, effective programmes, to save you time, and let you enjoy your sessions even more.  The programme content meets ACC criteria so you'll be all set to become part of the Live Stronger for Longer initiative.  www.livestonger.org.nz 

You'll see we've included Carers in our invitation.  We'd like to help motivate, support and guide the house-bound person you care for through our programmes and games.  

But instructors and carers alike, this is not a one-way street.  We want your feedback so that we continue to design fantastic programmes that meet the needs of our participants and instructors.  We want to create a community for sharing ideas, a supportive environment to learn and grow, and provide the opportunity to be part of the national movement to improve the health outcomes of our New Zealand 'SUPERS' and other special populations.

For Organisations

We're looking to create alliances and partnerships with organisations interested in fitness for SUPERS and other special populations. Together we can provide a robust framework for continual improvement, monitoring and standardisation of instruction and delivery, and consequently reduce falls, improve health statistics and the associated expenditure for governments and communities.  With the aim for all the SuperCue Seniors classes meeting the ACC Live Stronger for Longer criteria, this is an opportunity for your organisation to become part of and support this national initiative. 

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About SuperCue

Making a major impact on the New Zealand health system by improving the fitness of our seniors nationwide.

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