Specialised exercise programmes for older adults to improve strength, balance and physical confidence.

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Are you concerned about your balance? Are you worried about having a fall?

Fear of falling becomes an increasing issue as you age, and can be the catalyst for hospitalisation, deteriorating health, or at the very least a decline in self confidence. So it's really important that you do all you can to better understand and work on improving your balance.

It's not just a matter of doing exercises to strengthen your legs. Your balance involves your breathing, vision, hearing and mental state, as well as your posture, and an understanding of how the muscles of your butt, belly and mid back can make a big difference.

More complex than you thought? At SuperCue we have developed Balance Basics, a series of exercise and tutorial videos to take you step by step to learn new ways of improving your balance, your self confidence and quality of life. 

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"SuperCue workouts have enabled me to continue my exercise both at home and when we are away in our caravan"
- Margaret Nuttal, Hawkes Bay

"SuperCue has done more for me than physio since my shoulder injury (two full thickness tears of the rotator cuff) nearly two years ago"
- Lyn Skinner, Hawkes Bay

SuperCue is the perfect exercise programme - it helps with strength, balance, flexibility and cardio - and while it will get you puffing, it isn't boring - it's fun!”
Dr. Susan Jacobs,

Hawkes Bay SuperMover

"Since starting the SuperCue workouts I am fitter and more stable on my feet"
- Marilyn Thorp, Hawkes Bay

What is SuperCue? 

SuperCue is a Hawkes Bay based not-for-profit with a mission to improve the strength, balance and physical confidence of older adults and special populations throughout New Zealand, so they can continue to live well and independently.

Through our specialised fitness programmes delivered online and in the community, we aim to reduce the physical and financial impact on national health systems, our communities, families and individuals facing the repercussions of ageing, falls and injury. We provide specialised programmes for in-home use and group delivery, as well as training and support for instructors and caregivers.

Watch the video below to find our more. 

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