Fun and effective strength & balance programmes

for older adults

What is SuperCue? 

SuperCue develops high quality choreographed strength and balance programmes for New Zealand's over 60s.

Our fun workouts are for in-home use and group delivery. They are available online, on DVD and in the community. We also train instructors, activity coordinators and caregivers to deliver our programmes. Our customers include at-home exercisers, rest homes, retirement villages and fitness professionals.

What makes us so special? We felt programmes needed to do more than just get people moving. With our in-depth instruction, our Super Movers become more conscious of how they sit, stand and move. This provides lifelong learning that benefits them every day.  And this is key to maintaining their confidence and independence.

We guarantee they'll feel the difference, and you will too!

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Why is strength & balance so important for older adults?

Falling becomes an increasing danger as we age. It could be the one thing that changes your life to one of decline and dependence.

Improving your balance can reduce your risk and improve your quality of life. And that's what where we come in!

All our programmes have strength and balance at their core, but for those starting out we've gone a step further with SuperCue Balance Basics. This is an easy-to-follow series of exercise and tutorial videos. You can take them step by step at your own pace, at your own place.

Why choose SuperCue for your strength & balance?

Leg strengthening exercises are not enough. Your balance involves your breathing, posture and core activation. This is often what is missing in other programmes.

Try SuperCue and feel the difference!

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