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Effective strength & balance programs for 60+ (or SUPERS) 

Have you lost physical confidence because of a fall or a health condition; or are you simply feeling the effects of aging?

At SuperCue we have the exercise program that could change your life!

It’s fresh!

It’s fun!

But most importantly it will change the way you feel – how you stand, how you sit, how you move – and YES how you live.  How important is your independence?  Think of what you could do if you felt physically stronger, more balanced, more confident?  

Moving is not enough! At SuperCue we are all about moving WELL!

Most people don’t really understand how that SHOULD feel, how that COULD feel, and just how small changes in the way you exercise could make all the difference! It’s actually really simple! Just follow our detailed and consistent instruction (or “cues”) in our workouts and tutorials.

Let us take you on a journey of discovery – let’s find that superhero inside of you and help you be the best you can be with our DVDs or online access to a continually growing selection of programs and tutorials.

Register for one month free access and give it a go! Not just once – but every day or every other day for a week and let us know about your experience!  Get stronger and improve your balance for FREE for 1 month  and start to experience the benefits of the SuperCue Seniors program today!

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    Why choose Club SuperCue?  

     Benefits of SuperCue Seniors

    The SuperCue team has been delivering the SuperCue classes in the community to diverse groups of of Supers and they are all getting fantastic results.  Improvements   in mobility and balance has been recorded in 90% of participants.   We are working on getting real testimonials so that you know first hand the benefits and outcomes participants experience.   Watch this space!!!