Workout at Home

Do you want to feel strong and confident as you age?

Exercise can make all the difference! But it's not always easy to find an activity or class that suits you. You may worry about aggravating or causing yourself an injury. The times or locations may not suit you. You may find the exercises too easy or too challenging.

SuperCue provides you with an in-home option that ticks all the boxes.

  • Online or on DVD for you to do when and how often it suits you
  • Fun choreographed routines
  • Options for seated, standing and active
  • In-depth instruction and education on posture, movement and exercise technique
  • You'll learn how to apply what you learn to your day-to-day movement
  • Convenient app for easy access
  • Video tutorials, handouts and more
  • Builds confidence and independence

Interested? We recommend starting with our Discover You programme. Then you can move on to our library, selecting a level that's right for you. If you would like to focus initially on your balance, check out our Balance Basics programme instead.

Discover You
Super Mover Library
Balance Basics

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