Exercise and movement to music may be nothing new, where SuperCue differs is our delivery!

Our point of difference is that we spend more time than most focusing on our instructional super cues so that you and your clients can truly understand and feel the difference of what it means to sit, stand and move well!
This focus and training style is such an exciting and rewarding experience for both instructors and their clients, as these small adjustments and awareness in movement can really change lives!

With our self-paced online course you can become a SuperCue Instructor from the comfort of your own home!

But we know that's not enough! We realise how important face-to-face contact is, particularly for the finer points of what we teach. So, we have combined the online readings, tutorials and assessments with up to 4 hours of one-on-one time either via video call or a face-to-face studio session for personalised learning that will take your understanding and excitement to a whole other level.

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Why Become a SuperCue Seniors Instructor? 

  • Ideal for the professional or the budding fitness instructor interested in working with older adults or special populations. 
  • Specialised online training to learn the SuperCue fundamentals of identifying poor posture and movement patterns, and how to correct them within the SuperCue framework.
  • Receive up to 4 hours of one-on-one training either via video call or in person at our Napier or Dannevirke studios. 
  • Music rights, choreography notes and instructional cues and technique tips for a growing library of workouts. 
  • Ongoing supply of new choreographed programmes - saving you time and effort, and keeping you fresh and stimulated. 
  • Ongoing support to improve your class delivery and effectiveness. 
  • Suitable for REPs Registered Exercise Professionals to apply for 15 Continued Professional Development educational credits.
  • Content that aligns with the Live Stronger for Longer Initiative and meets the ACC Strength & Balance approval criteria. 

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SuperCue Instructor?

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"Being a licensed SuperCue Instructor I feel more prepared and confident that my content flows, is safe, functional, purposeful and holistic.  It is not only a huge timesaver but also versatile in that the content is transferable to the PT environment or alternative group exercise formats such as a circuit style delivery." - Cath Shaw, SuperCue Instructor, Hawkes Bay

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